We have adopted that cute little birdie named Gogog.  She’s a lovely little thing.  She adores Jason and nests in the collars of his shirt.   She sits now on my shoulders as I type.

Odin, my lovely XL German Shepherd, could care less about her.  In fact he wont even look at her.  The cat is slightly interested but nothing too concerning.  I’d say the cat threat is a “yellow.”  Yes, cat-alert-yellow at this point.

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  1. Can’t wait to see a picture! How do you pronounce Gogog?

  2. She’s pretty cute. Her name is pronounced GO-GOG. Just like it looks. She came with the name and has had it for 4 or 5 years. We talked about “varying” it a bit, like Go-go or something but we’re gonna stick with Gogog. The previous owners are such nice people and we want to respect the name they chose for her. It’s from Lord of the Rings, Gogog was an orc band leader. She’s much prettier than an orc!

  3. Mandy –
    This is the best idea ever!! Now you can keep in touch and let us know all the fun things you and the family are doing. Hugs to Zoe who set this site up for you. Good luck with it!!

  4. I love your enthusiasm!!! I makes it all worth it!

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