State of the Studio Address

So my art day is lovely; quiet and peaceful.  I’m multi-tasking.  I have three different projects going at once.  They are all assemblages using Sculpey, paint, paper, wire, wood, and lusciously smooth oil pastels.  One thing is for certain though; finding what I need next would be much easier for me if my sun porch studio were a bit more…say organized?

Can you find the potholder, the toaster oven, the bag of wool roving?


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  1. Don’t see the toaster oven, but maybe that’s OK because I am not sure you would want to introduce a heat source in there right at the moment!!! :-)

  2. This could be my studio as well! At the moment it is neat, but the minute I start a new project, it looks like a cross between frat house and a hoarders episode. Fun times!

  3. Yes to both comments: a heat source in there isn’t the smartest idea (however the toaster oven is located in the bottom right corner…balancing on the wood box…) AND my studio goes from neat to treacherous as soon as I dive into a project. It doesn’t get cleaned up until a couple projects later. At the time when I just can’t find anything or I hurt myself in there, cleaning it is the only logical approach!

  4. Looks like my bedroom most of the time! At least you have a sense of humor!!

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