Touchin’ Rumps, a House Guest, and a Jellyfish

The only way Odin could lay on the couch was to touch his rump to his friend Spooky’s.  Awwww, how cute.

They almost make a heart shape!


We have a house guest staying with us for four weeks.  His name is Al Augat.  He likes to sing, whistle, say hello, and tell you what a good boy he is!

Givin' Kisses


I worked on this new jellyfish assemblage that I’m making out of zippers and other stuff.  Stage 1 completed!

Stay tuned to track it's development...





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  1. Love your critters and cannot wait to see what you do with your jelly fish. So much fun. Please keep posting your progress.

  2. Love the 4-legged furry people and your feathered guest. Those birds are so funny! I am looking forward to see how the jellyfish develop!! Such creative use of zippers!

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