Jason took the kids to basketball practice and thus I currently have a few thousand seconds of peace and quiet.  I love my quiet time.  I’m really my own best friend, you know.  Just me, myself, and I.  Yep, chillin’ at home, all alone.  With my very wonderful German Shepherd of course…And a little green bird perched on my shoulder…Soon I’ll get pooped on…But I regress…

I’ve been hard at work lately on a new Cloth Paper Scissors submission, scheduled for the March/April issue (Yay!!!).   It’s quite a concoction of wood, metal, paper, paint, and even Sculpey polymer clay.  I have also been enjoying the act of knitting quick gifts.  I’m almost done with a pair of slipper socks and plan on making a few more.  I want a pair too but I really like making hand knit gifts and I only have, what is it now, 27 days left?

I close with an amusing tale:  Sophie taking the cat to the vet.  She has quite an active imagination.  She put Spooky in the “car” (aka laundry basket), put an empty shoe box on him (I don’t remember what that signified, but it carried some  specific meaning), and “drove” him to the vet.  This consisted of pushing him around the house for about 5 minutes.  I laughed-animal hijinks are one of my favorite things to watch.

Packed up to go to the "vet"


On the way! (Notice the tail!)


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  1. I like the cat’s tail. I especially like how it’s sticking out of a hole in the laundry basket.

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