A Time Machine

This week has been interesting to say the least.  We replaced our upstairs toilet.  It was installed when our house was built in 1928.  Now it sits crooked in the snow, outside our door, in three pieces…Yep, we’re one of those people now, one of those with a non-functioning toilet sitting outside on our property.  I kind of like it for now.  It makes me laugh.

A few days ago, our cat, dear Spooky, went missing.   As usual, we called him in before we went to bed but he didn’t show up at the door.  This was highly unusual as he really hates the cold and always comes scooting in for bedtime.  We worried as it was super frigid that evening (-5 or close to it).  All the next day I periodically called him using my extra special Spooky call, but no sign of him.  I checked my closet, the attic, and even asked the neighbors.  No Spooks.  It didn’t help my worry that I’d been reading a book lately about mountain climbing disasters which involved people freezing to death left and right.  I checked Craigslist and called the police to see if anyone reported finding a cat, nope, nothin’.  We had a cat killed by a car a few years back, that possibility was heavily weighing on our minds.  Jason and I were quite depressed.  We really had grown to love our fluffy, irritable kitty cat.

That evening at dinner we told the kids that the cat was missing.  Max piped up and said “He was under my bed last night purring, I saw him.”  I said “No honey, you must have had a dream.”  He was adamant that the cat was there.  I thought that maybe the cat had died and his spirit came to rest under Max’s bed.  Pretty crazy thought, but I was trying to prepare myself for the worst.  Well, somehow we got talking about the possibility of the cat being in the house.  I was sure he wasn’t as I had checked “everywhere.”  Then I realized that I hadn’t actually checked in Max’s closet, so I sent the kids to look in there.  All of a sudden Jason and I heard squeals of glee, laughter, and shouting.  I heard from the top of the stairs, “MOM, Spooky was in Max’s closet.  He’s alive!”

I scooped up my sweet fluffy Spooky and held him in my arms.  He was completely oblivious to what had occurred over the past 22 hours.  I think he slept the entire time.  It turned out Max had in fact seen the cat under his bed.  The cat must have then crept into his closet to sleep.  Max, unaware of this, and scared of his closet door being open while he’s trying to fall asleep, got out of bed and shut his closet door, trapping the cat.

Now for the Time Machine.  I while back I talked about my machine assemblage art.  Well, I finally got around to photographing my Time Machine and here it is.  I represents my desire to go back in time for a day or two and be a student again at West Harpswell Elementary School.  I sure did love my elementary school experience!



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  1. I love a happy ending. But just in case Spooky does end up spending a night outside sometime, I can tell you that we had a cat in Fairbanks who would go out year-round–even when it was -40! She had hunting to do and she did it. Once she even chased a red fox away :-) I am sure Spooky would not enjoy this kind of thing, but it can be done, if necessary :-)

  2. I am so happy your Spooky is ok. I was going to get really sad. Your time machine is a hoot. I think we can all relate to that desire to go back to the elementary days every now and then. I work at an elementary school, but being there as an adult just doesn’t have the same feel as attending as an 8 year old. It is much grosser as an adult! :) I do miss getting graded on my ability to color, read, and cut paper all day long. If only I could find a job like that now…

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