Word Birds

Warning: making these is addicting!


The bird’s the word.  Today both kids and I made our own versions of Ann Ellis’ Word Birds which are featured in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors issue.  (I got the idea from Jenny Lee’s latest post, see it at texterial.)  We had a great time.  I didn’t have any colored tissue paper which would have been ideal, however we improvised and I used pattern tissue paper and the kids used pages from an old brittle magazine.   I used floral wire to make legs instead of using a stick.

I had some of those refrigerator poetry magnets kicking around so we glued them on instead of cutting words from text.  I loved making these little things and so did my children, as you can see.  Below are a selection of their finest birds; Sophie’s is on the far left and the other two are Max’s.  So cute!


Children take to glitter like a duck to water!

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  1. Aren’t these so much fun? Now my daughter and I are imagining all kinds of other things we can make – hearts for Valentine’s Day, Easter Eggs… fun for all holidays!
    I think we should come up with a swap. What should we do?

  2. These look great Mandy! Enjoying your blog and thanks for the mention x

  3. Thanks Ann!!! That’s so nice of you to comment!

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