Bacon Vs. Lace

I’ve been feeling a bit anxious lately.  I’m going through that “There’s not enough time in the day to do everything that I have to do, let alone want to do” kind of thinking.  I know a lot of people feel that way.  Life is so busy and the pace seems to never let up.  I know that getting more sleep would help me- I tend to burn the midnight arts and crafts oil- but that evening time is so precious in that it’s my chance to make art.

For a long time I’ve wanted to make twice baked potatoes.  Well, tonight’s the night!  My mother and I used to make these and they bring me right back to many happy teenage moments with her.   Good food provides such good memories.   Here’s the easy recipe:  First, bake the potatoes, then cut them in half and scoop them out.  Make a thick mashed potato (with butter, milk, salt, pepper) and push it back into the skins. I insert wedges of sharp cheddar cheese and little strips of bacon.  Bake them again (hence the “twice baked”) for another twenty minutes at maybe 300 F.  They are such good Maine winter fare.

Yes, I did take a picture of my bacon cooking


In the evenings lately I’ve been working on some more “Painted Lace Cuffs.”  I do love to make these!  They are such a great way to dip into that large stash of laces and edgings that I’ve accumulated over the past few years.   I brake for yard sales that look like they might have a bag or two of vintage bias tape, lace, trim, elastic, etc.  Believe me, large amounts of this treasure are surfacing more and more in the second hand market, costing next to nothing.  Here is just the tip of the iceberg that is my lace/edging stash:

The strips of bacon reminded me of strips of lace...



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