Sunny and Warm!

There has been a hint of spring in the air and I’m not afraid to say that I can’t wait until spring.  The crocuses (or is it crocci?) will be poking through in a few more weeks.  I love to garden.  I like the bugs (all except ticks), the mud, the sun, the cat following me around outside, the warming weather…  I can’t wait to turn my compost and let my chickens out for the day.  I LOOOOVE spring!  Bring it on! (please?)

I’m so thrilled to be teaching at CREATE in New Jersey and I just found out (drumroll please) Chicago too!  What an amazing opportunity.  I’m slowly building up my supplies.

I am also happily involved in using my view finder for a drawing homework assignment and will post my “masterpiece” as soon as I finish it.  So far I really enjoy using the view finder.  It supports my perfectionistic ways.

Here is my final draft of my business card.  It simpler and more serious, yet playful too with my little robot guy.  Thanks for the advice facebook and blog friends!  If I were a bit more tech savvy I’d know how to make the image appear bigger!


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  1. Does that mean you are teaching in Chicago,too? Congratulations! Woo Woo! I like your business card, quirky but easy to read.

  2. I like the Business card, but I must say, I like the other one better…’s more eye catching (to me)…….that doesn’t mean you need to go second-guessing yourself……and I don’t like that you like that dumpster baby of a cat following you…….he should be up at the Volvo dealer doin what he does best!

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