Happy Birthday, Mom and JACKPOT!

Today is (or was) my dear mum’s birthday.  Had she not died at 40, she would be 55 today.  Wow, it’s been a long time.  I do miss her still, of course I always will.  She was a fine artisan.  She was noted as the best seamstress in the Brunswick area and was a passionate crafter and gardener.  She was an in-the-evening-at-the-kitchen-table crafter like me.  Maybe that’s why I feel so at home doing my stuff at the dining room table after the kids go to bed.  I’m forever grateful that she showed me how normal it is to be creative.  Happy Birthday, Mom!

As for the JACKPOT?  I do love a bargain.  Who doesn’t?  That’s why I frequent Goodwill, Salvation Army, the local flea market, and yard sales for all sorts of art and craft-related supplies.  I frequent these places so regularly that I’ve become quite in tune with just what types of artsy craftsy things are surfacing in the second hand market.  For instance, now that the craze for Stampin Up and Creative Memories has quieted a bit, I’m seeing more and more of it for sale second hand.  I just got a Speedball brayer yesterday for $3.00.  Someone had barely used it (or their plethora of Stampin Up rubber stamps that were for sale at Michelle’s Consignment shop).  Finding great bargains helps me to keep my workshop materials fees low.  I love to pass on the deals, in other words.

One source for a crafty lady like myself that has grown louder on my bargain hunting radar screen is Big Lots.  They have a craft section.  It is small but occasionally has some great items, like packs of Basic Grey paper (25 sheets for $3.00), Fiskars brand cutting instruments, and beads.   Today I popped in there and low and behold, I found a mountain of Blue Moon Bead packages, all for 79 cents each!  I have yet to stumble upon a Blue Moon deal like this.  You could say that this only comes around once in a blue moon!  I most certainly stocked up.  (Being an avid jewelry designer and teacher of all things related to bead stringing, I often buy this brand).

I share with you in pictures my glorious deal of the day:



blurry, yes but fabulous too!


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  1. I would have launched into these deals too! I love the thrill of a craft bargain. I think that some folks don’t see that just because the trend has passed, you don’t have to throw out the supplies. You can use them in new ways! (As I know you will!) Can’t wait to see what you cook up with all these treasures.
    Love love love your line about your mom teaching you “how normal it is to be creative.” That really spoke to me today. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I remember your mom busy working at her crafts…such a wonderful artist! I still wear some of the necklaces she gave me that she made back when you and I were in high school. I recently took a beading class and bought supplies to restring a necklace she made that broke. That’s wonderful that you are taking after her; what a talented family! :)

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