Nellie No Friends

I’ve joined an online creative workshop called Nellie No Friends.  Week One’s assignment was to create this neat little book like thingy with two pages.  We first had to chose a 5-color pallet and create using those colors.  For the first or top page we were to create a self portrait involving stitching.  For the second, or bottom page we were to create a pattern using our 5 chosen pallet colors.

I really enjoyed drawing with thread.  The simple, meditative act of stitching allowed me to loosen up and let go of my perfectionist ideals.  My portrait evolved into a woodland fairy of sorts but I thought that was appropriate for me being from Maine- atleast the “woodland” part!  We do have a lot of woods around.

I cut up the cover of a vintage children's book for the bottom and top piece


My eyebrows are not that large in real life.


This pattern came to life unexpectedly- with no plan ahead of time


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