Nellie Week 3

I completed a very fun project for my Nellie No Friends homework this past week:  I designed buttons and a button card.  This would be such a fun swap!  My buttons were made from Sculpey and two molds that I created using some sort of vintage stick pins.  The buttons were baked, dusted with eye shadow, glazed, and dusted with ultra fine glitter.  The card was made from a vintage record sleeve- something called Tunes from Hawaii.  I love finding buttons at yard sales or flea markets but there is something extra special about them when you find them still attached to their cards.


Here are the Sculpey molds


My goal for the week:  Slow down and clean the house…

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  1. Ah, don’t worry about cleaning the house.. playing with buttons and beads is so much more FUN!!! LOVE your buttons…

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