Online Admission of Guilt

I went to the yarn store today and bought some yarn (  It was not an impulse buy however.  I had gone previously when I had the first inkling that I’d like to try scrumbling.  I fell in love with a certain yarn there called Koigu.  I thought long and hard (for almost two days!) about how I would attempt the scrumble and in what way that I would use the finished product, i.e. scrumbled cuff, wall art, brooch…I finally decided that the Koigu was a comin’ home and that a piece of wall art and/or some rockin’ brooches will be made (at least for now!).

I have great amounts of guilt for purchasing yarn but I rarely do it and I plan on making some amazing 10 x 10 art which will hopefully sell at the Brunswick 10 x 10 this fall.  So I can make some of my investment back…eventually!  This is the rationality that I hang on to.


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  1. When do u leave?

  2. Sounds like perfect justification to me! BEAUTIFUL. I want to touch them. Can’t wait to see what you make.

  3. Use it and enjoy it without guilt! You have supported a small business and are making something completely new that has never existed in the world. The process of making these things will make you happy; the person that gets these things will be happy; the shop owner is happy! All that happiness–no room for guilt :-)

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