I’ve been gardening like a mad woman during this beautiful weather.  I hope to keep a photo journal of blooms in my garden here on my blog.  I love to watch my perennials bloom, one type after another, in a sort of super slow motion fire works show.

Most of my plants have sentimental value being from my mother’s garden.  I  have moved her plants twice since she died.  First, I moved her garden to my father’s house for safe keeping.  When Jason and I bought our first and current home, I moved them here.  Anyways, here are some Bachelor Buttons:


These guys (or gals) have a somewhat sickly sweet perfumey smell but a very cool spidery bloom.  Below is a traditional purple bearded iris, one of my favorites.  These are pretty huge.




Another thing we are doing right now during this gorgeous weather, are home improvements, specifically scraping and painting.  I love our 1920’s colonial but it came with a never ending list of needed repairs.  We are currently working on our little entry way which is in need of some serious TLC.   I thought the scraped look of it was ultra artsy-cool.



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