Well, our Rangeley trip came and went much too fast.  The weather was gorgeous.  We enjoyed hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, late night movies, and eating lots of yummy food.  I have one penultimate vacation story to report.  When we arrived in town, we were immediately told that a bear was hanging around the campground.  A notorious dumpster-diving bear, formerly trapped in New Hampshire and radio-collared, then released in Maine.

Our first night went without incident but in the morning a large pile of Yogi evidence was discovered.  The local game warden brought a bear trap on wheels and parked it near the dumpster.  He baited it with lots of delicious seafood including lobster, clams, etc…

The second night saw no bear, or at least the bear didn’t trigger the trap.  A fresh chicken was added to the bait bucket, which is the orange 5 gallon bucket hanging just under then words “BFAR TRAP.”  Important for later on in my story…

That evening, ten minutes after Jason put out the fire and retired for the night, the trap went off with a loud bang.  Our camper is situated about 50 feet from where the trap was put.  Jason and I were quite excited and actually got in the truck and drove (we were too chicken to walk) to see if a bear was inside it.  No false alarm, a bear was in the trap!  Well, this big guy (or gal) quietly ate the meal in the bucket and then proceeded to thrash around for the entire night.  We felt pretty bad for him but the game warden couldn’t transport him until daybreak.


This blurry picture was all I dared to get since he was hissing at me and had been through a pretty rough night!  Notice the 5 gallon bucket is missing?  He had completely flattened it!  The warden came and hauled him away.  We were told he was let go near a stream where he immediately rolled in the water and drank.  We were also told that he was about 2 years old and not quite 200 lbs!


Talk about adventure in the Maine woods!  I just love it there and would go back anytime with my family, bear and all!  (Don’t get me wrong- I was quite relieved when he was escorted far away!)






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  1. Wow! what an amazing experience. One you will never forget! And what a send off for CREATE! I am so excited for you and this experience. I really can’t wait to hear all about it. I have been looking at the proposal info for next year, but I really want to hear what you think.
    Please know I will be thinking of you as you embark on your next very big adventure! You will be great!

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