Orange Skies at Night, A Yard-Saler’s Delight

You know the old saying, “Orange skies at night, sailor’s delight.  Red skies in the morning, sailor’s take warning.”  Well, I like to believe that that saying applies to yard-saling as well, because there were definitely orange skies last night!  (Any irrational excuse to paw through other people’s stuff is fine by me!)  I happened upon one of those penultimate yard sales today.  The kind that comes around once every two or three years.  I am such a purveyor of fine yard sales.  I love good quality, inexpensive stuff!  I could probably maintain a blog on just that.  I could call it Second Handy Mandy.  Hmmm…Maybe not…But anyways, I love to share my finds with anyone who will give me the chance.  I scored an antique children’s book- perfect for mixed media collage.  Crisp, porous, and matte-finish paper, adorable pictures and vintage fonts.


The cover is quite perfectly tattered too:



I also found this very interesting card of jade stones.  It seems to have been some sort of jeweler’s catalog card or the like.



These stones will find their way into some sort of creation, eventually.  I couldn’t resist, it was only $1.00!

I also snagged this box of Japanese seed beads.  I do love Japanese seed beads, all well made and uniform in their sizing!


I found many more goodies, including an Olfa rotary cutter, a brand new shweeeet leather wallet, fun Zebra highlighters (did you know highlighters could be fun?), charcoal pencils and holders, and new art pens, to name a few.

Yard sale season is now winding down.  There will be more, but most likely it will be a year or two before we see a sale of that caliber.

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  1. Wow, nice! I went to a booksale a couple weeks ago in hopes of finding some nice books to cut up, but it was all gross yellowed 80s sci-fi paperbacks…

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