Stacy Weeks Schoell

I love beads.  I am simply fascinated by the way in which they are made and strung.  A small player in a large symphony, a little bead is often overlooked.  As a mixed media artist, beads alone don’t lend a whole lot to the world of altering or distressing.  They can be seen as boring to some.  A bead is just meant to be strung, right?  What else can it do?

There are a lot of jewelry makers out there.  At some holiday craft fairs, half of the vendors seem to be making and selling jewelry.  Those vendors are like me, in love with wearables and in love with beads.  However, very few of us jewelry makers can match the level of craftsmanship and enthusiasm that I encountered over the past weekend, myself included.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a trunk show of Stacy Weeks Schoell’s handmade jewelry.  She is one of those driven women who works full time during the day and then crafts into the wee hours of the night.  She makes gorgeous lampworked beads and pendants, each one a little work of art.  She then strings them into bracelets and cuffs, earrings and necklaces, rings and more.   Here are some of Sandy’s pendants:

She’s not afraid to use sterling silver findings too, something I admire greatly!  I was quite drawn to these sweet earrings and their little glass bumps:


I couldn’t stop trying on these unique leather bracelets:

She uses Greek leather and makes her beads with extra large holes to fit on these beauties.  Most have a fantastic magnetic clasp.  She also had some extra time-embodied items, real works of art.  Below shows the pendant of a stunning necklace.

I’m always in awe after seeing the works of fine artisans like Stacy.  At first I want to rush out and buy a torch and a bunch of glass and melt melt melt.  Then I reel myself in and just admire.  Then I ponder that age old “craft vs. art” thing and am just thankful that there are the Stacies of the world inspiring us to push ourselves further.  I appreciate fine craftsmanship as a true art form.  And I couldn’t leave without this bit of fabulousness:


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  1. Nice choice! I think I might have fought you for that one. Wow, she is good. It must have been like being in a candy shop. I have wanted to try glass too, but like you have to reel myself back in.

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