Ice Fishing, An Apocalypse, And Buttons OH MY!

To celebrate the impending winter storm “Nemo”, I’ll open with a peaceful winter scene painted in yesterday’s watercolor class:



My structures need a bit of alignment work but don’t these ice fishing shacks seem so welcoming?  They must be toasty warm since there’s smoke coming from the chimneys.  Each time that I leave my watercolor class I think that I’m going to do all sort of practicing.  Ooooh, I think to myself, I’ll do a series of these throughout the week for homework.  The week comes on full speed and goes zipping by and not one painting, let alone a series, gets completed.  However, I am learning so much in class and having a great time doing so.

Last week’s painting made me a bit giddy.  This one isn’t quite finished (and may never be at the rate I’m going!) but I thought that it looked so dangerously apocalyptic.  An empty, destroyed city along the horizon…A blazing orange reflection of the somewhere setting sun…A bit of radioactive smog…Acid rain clouds…Dead trees…This just screams series to me.  Or maybe I’m just ready for spring.



I taught a fantastic bracelet class last night.  It was called “More Chunky Button Bracelets.”  I love to teach button bracelets.  Everyone did a fantastic job too.  Being two-stranded, these are a bit challenging and took a more than the allotted time but they (the bracelets and the students) were so worth it!

Here are some students’ work in progress:









So I’m trying my best today to harness some energy and get my artsy/craftsy gears turning but I must first power through heaps of (drumroll please…) laundry, dishes, picking up, and all the myriad chores of a half-time working mother.  I’ll get some coffee going and begin…And thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Mandy, I love that ice fishing shack watercolor painting! You are really good! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Jenny! I’m going to try to carve out some practice time before my next class…

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