Get Your Sweet On… Elementary School Style!

I can’t remember a bad elementary era valentine party.  I cherished that day at school…  February 14th…  The exchanging of beautiful little cards representing friendship, love, and sweetness.  Compiling a loot of red, pink, and white colored candy, (even though teachers often asked parents not to send in candy).  The “Sweethearts” were my all time favorite with little messages like “BE MINE” and “I’M YOURS.”  Now those candy hearts have phrases like “LOL” and “TEXT ME” on them.   Dare I sound old by saying that the Sweetheart people should not have tinkered with the sayings on those candy hearts?  Yeesh, what is this world coming to?

Anyway, I plan on living vicariously through my children when they come home today.  I’ll undoubtedly hog their valentine “mailboxes,” repeatedly sifting through all their varied and colorful goodies.  Oooohing and awwwing over them.  I bet we get some Star Wars ones…And Hello Kitty…I seriously can’t wait…

This year I decided to make valentines with my kids.  I usually buy them in big packs since it’s easy and I’m, well, a pretty busy mommy.   But a couple of weeks ago I had an impulse to gather paint sample cards for the start of some good old fashioned handmade ‘tines.  I went to Home Depot and grabbed a bunch, just about in every color of the rainbow.  I also picked up some Valentine-ish foam stickers at JoAnn’s.  With scissors, glue, glitter, ribbon, a few punches, and a lot of love, I spread the crafty loot in front of my kiddos and let them work their magic.  These are our, well their, valentine bookmarks to hand out in school today:



Yes, I braved even the kid-use of microfine glitter and the resulting mess was humongous but we all got through it, unscathed.  I hope your Valentine’s Day is lovely.  I, personally, will be descending on my children’s backpacks at 3:55pm, the very moment they get off the bus…


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