A Macro World of Inspiration

I often go through these periods of time where I’m feeling so overwhelmingly grateful, lucky, or blessed, if you will.  I realize how fortunate I am to have such great access to art and craft tools and materials.  Thank goodness or goddess or coincidence or the universe for aligning the way it has for the amazing access to all this delicious STUFF.

A while back I did some creative work for my uncle.  He’s a hard working single guy who has showed great generosity to me before.  (For instance, when I was a struggling college student he helped me pay rent several times)  Anywho, the deal for the creative work I did was that he would buy me a macro lens for my new DSLR camera, a most lovely Canon Rebel t3i.   I still have so much to learn about this camera.  I’ve really just been playing around with this amazing new lens, always set on autofocus!  The following photos, taken in and of my garden, are inspiration for near future paintings.


A darling BRIGHT green grasshopper.  Just look at his little undeveloped wings!


And then there are my daylillies.  So beautiful.  A bit daunting to paint, to say the least!





And then there is this lovely little Beebalm.  With a tiny worm residing inside the bloom.


I’m actually beginning an intensive painting course with the amazingly talented Linda Murray for which I am to bring in a flower photo to work from.  I think I’ve covered that part.  We’ll see what emerges.

Thanks for this amazing new set of eyes, Uncle Steve!


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