Art Journaling Fall 2014

I have a serious problem.  The busier I get at work, “work” meaning my paid job as opposed to my unpaid jobs (i.e. mother, housekeeper, cook, organizer, family event planner, dog poop scooper, chicken feeder, etc.), the more I want to stay home and have art making days.  This is my busy season at my place of employment and while I’m super fortunate to have a job that I love (MOST of the time…) I can’t help but daydream about all the art making I want desperately to do instead.  I recently wrote a small article for “Art Journaling,” a most glorious Stampington publication.  I’m absolutely drooling over this issue.  I want to stay home and be a full time art journaler.  Does this career even exist?  Probably. Somehow.  Somewhere.



Art journaling is anything and everything.  It’s messy and neat, textured and smooth, printed and in cursive, typed and scrawled, stitched and glued, vibrantly colored and black ‘n’ white; it’s all of this and so much more, all at the same time.  It’s ANYTHING you want it to be.  It’s about experimenting, making mistakes, transforming this into that.  It’s deliciously addicting.  Now, THIS is my drug!  How can I get through another day at work when I could be doing this sort of thing?  How is a girl to survive amid all this amazing-ness waiting to happen on the blank page in front of her when she has to go to work and earn money instead.  I’m serious.  I have a a problem.

I’m especially enthralled with Robyn P. Thayer’s work (found on facebook).  Her lettering in this issue is pure magic.  The story conveyed through her words is poetic.  I also love the stuff of Jenny and Aaron of Everyday is a Holiday.  Soraya Nulliah has some amazing work in this issue as well, see examples of it on her website.

I also really love how some artists are incorporating photographs in their art journaling.  Such amazing work, so much inspiration, so little time…  I better stop blabbing and start creating.  So, if you are the least bit curious about art journaling, this magazine is an awesome place to start!  AND- thanks for stopping by!!!

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