Studio Storage Solutions VOLUME 1: Paper Stuffs

Over the last month or so I’ve been tackling my studio mess.  I’ve got too much art related stuff crammed in a little space.  It was fast becoming non-accessible.  My overall goal is ACCESSIBILITY.  I.e. why have it if you can’t get to it?  I’m far from finished but I am happy to report some very positive changes.  First, I’ve gotten rid of stuff.  This is paramount.  Stuff I thought I would use but never have.  Stuff that peaked my interests four years ago but doesn’t any longer.  It’s gone.  Second, I’ve organized my paper work.  This would be handouts for classes that I teach as well as handouts from classes that I’ve taken.  They sit in the top drawer of this file cabinet:


Not very exciting, I know.  But what IS exciting is the bottom drawer of this file cabinet.  Assuming you are like me and have flat items needing storage that are larger than the typical 8.5 x 11 inch “letter” size file folder, this will interest you.  I turned a legal size file hanging rack sideways to fit in the bottom of this letter size file cabinet drawer.



Before assembling the hanging rack, the long metal side “sticks” had to be shortened quite a bit.  This was accomplished with a metal hand saw.  It was quick and sooooo worth it.  Now I can store all sorts of larger-than-letter size goodies AND they are accessible. (Remember, that is the primary goal here).  Stuff like stencils, sandpaper, packs of printer fabric, and so much more.

My next achievement  would be this lovely office style rack-turned-pads-of-paper-holder.  All my pads of paper are at my finger tips now, instead of stacked on top of each other on a shelf.  I can see what I have available now.  I realized too that I had forgotten about some of the pads of paper in my possession.  Accessibility will save me from that kind of forgetting.



I still need to get rid of stuff but I also am facing another problem:  What to do with all the finished product that lives in my studio space?  I’m not too good at selling my wares at this time.  I can’t keep up with marketing that side of my artsy/craftsy business.  So the finished stuff, that I’m fond of, tends to live with me.  I’m thinking that my studio shouldn’t be a mausoleum of past projects, right?  These books for instance, on the bottom shelf below are taking up valuable real estate space.  They need a shelf in another part of the house.  They will get moved soon…




Flat stuff that can hang on the wall is different as it doesn’t usually take up valuable space.  My favorite nose in the world for instance, lives happily ever after in my studio:






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  1. Brilliant idea with the side hanging file!!!I’m so inspired to go organize…

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