Stampington Sponsored Giveaway: Win the Latest Sew Somerset Magazine and Start the New Year Off Creatively!

Sewing combined with art journaling and/or artist book making is one of my greatest creative passions.  I love to incorporate machine or hand stitching somehow on my journal or book pages. Stitches often add an extra element of visual interest and can replace glue when using them to hold a collage in place.

Which is why I’m simply delighted to kick off the impending new year with a Stampington sponsored giveaway of the latest Sew Somerset magazine (Winter 2016).  For this giveaway, I’ll also throw in one of my little handmade books as well as a few other artsy trinkets!



Sew Somerset isn’t just about combining stitching with art journaling or artist book making though.  This issue is filled with inspiration spanning the definition of sewing.  From scrappy dolls to machine embroidery, and from stitched thank you cards to embellished baby shoes, this issue will leave you drooling.  And then there are the books… Stitchy books…  Awesome books…  Mixed media books…  Oh how I just LOVE artists’ books…



I’m happy that my sweetly stitched photo books (pictured above) made it into this issue.  However, my favorite project to grace these pages is the playing card miniature book by Mary Walden.  I’m aching to make one of these little gems.



The book is collaged with paper and fabric.  It’s machine and hand stitched.  It’s has some text and images. There’s paint involved.  And tulle.  It’s nothing short of amazing.  And the binding (pictured below) is simply out of this world!



So how can you win this magazine and goodie bundle?  Well, I’ve been known to love words.  I’m on another wordy quest for 2016.  My goal is to to incorporate written or typed words in my art journals.  To be more journal-ish.  To have more meaningful, original thought processes, in the form of a few words, involved somehow on my journal pages.

So I dug up some monoprints that I made a while back and hauled out my vintage typewriter.  I typed on them.  Thoughts recorded in the moment.  Somehow I will incorporate them into a journal page.  Either the typed-on print will be the book page itself or I will cut and collage them in place, likely with machine stitching.



So to enter the contest, simply comment with a few words of your own. They can be thoughts in the moment.  They can be New Year’s resolution-related.  They can be anything you want.  Funny, silly, sad. Happy, encouraging, hopeful.  They can be abstract and have no real meaning.  One thing they will be though is typed onto a 2016 journal page, somehow, in the near future.  I’ll draw a lucky winner in a couple of weeks and announce my findings in the next post!  I hope to hear from you!!!


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  1. Ask (more questions)
    Do (more)
    Share (myself with others)

  2. I don’t know why I put my first love of sewing on the back burner. I love the merge of the two, sewing and journal. It’s a perfect match. I am taking out my machine this 2016. You are right about how amazing paper and fabric is together. The possibilities are endless. Stitchy books, paint and tulle…..Yes, I’d love the magazine and a goody would be cool! Looking forward to making one or a ton!

  3. After a hard 2015 of illnesses, loss, and general life chaos, I am absolutely looking forward to what 2016 will bring. Here is to change and wonderful things to come!

  4. For 2016, I am focusing on *purpose*. I want to find a purpose for each day, for every situation and relationship. I am going to organize my living space and keep only items that have a purpose. My life needs clarity and I’ll be working towards it each day!

  5. Remember Yesterday
    Think about Today
    Dream about Tomorrow

    The Playing Card book is incredible. Definitely going on my “Gotta Do” list.

  6. New YEar’s resolution – freedom. Freedom to create and ignore the doubting voices in my head! Freedom to play and not worry. Freedom to be the artist I want to be!

  7. This year I’m going all out for a seemingly selfish SELF LOVE resolution. I initially felt it’s selfish, but if you really think about what it means, I guess it isn’t so bad. I care for my 85 (almost 86) year-old mother, and I have a 28 year-old son. Both of them need me and how better to be able to be there for them than by looking after myself, so that I feel good, and happy, and able to cope.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016!

  8. As 2015 drew to a close I was repeatedly drawn toward the word “wisdom.” So this year I will not have a traditional resolution, but one word to guide myself through the ever winding path of life. Perhaps this magazine is a tool that I am to use to acquire further wisdom in regards to my new found love of sewing…

  9. I am hoping for a new yr without so much pain… My art and sewing keep me going. Guess what?! I’m a poet and did’nt know it!
    Seriously without my mags from Somerset, sewing and art I would be one big cracker jack.

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