Waxy Stab-Bound Journals… Craft Publishing Royalty This Way Comes… And Sew Somerset Winner Announced!!

In all my varied creative endeavors, I always come home to book making, especially stab-bound books.  I try lots of different things, often winging off in strange or new directions, but I seem to circle back, like a vulture really, and devour book making.  I LOVE HAND MADE BOOKS.

I also have been thoroughly enamored with my very good friend’s waxed fabric creations lately.  Becky Sweek of Duncan’s Family Jewels has been waxing her own fabric for quite a while now.  She makes and sells amazing bags, with up-cycle belts for handles, like the one pictured below.



Needless to say, I had to try waxing my own fabric, with book making in mind as an end result.  I quickly discovered that waxing is a two-step process, kind of stinky, and not super quick. In other words, it’s quite a production, literally.  However, the end result is a stiff, waxy, sturdy fabric with a built-in crinkled-look.  It’s nothing short of AWESOME STUFF.  My waxed fabric eventually turned into many glorious stab-bound books.  They have “hard” covers, with special cardstock inserts, and are filled with mixed media paper, ready to sell. (It’s going to be hard to part with them, especially the first one, directly below!)






And then there’s the binding.  The doubled waxed linen thread in a cross-stitched formation is really quite dreamy.


Now, as some of you already know, my fabric-waxing friend and I have opened up a little studio where she sews her bags and I teach a variety of art and craft classes for kids and adults.  We named our studio venture The Painted Dog (after our crazy love of dogs) and are happy to announce that a Painted Dog website is currently in the works, so stay tuned!

We are also ABSOLUTELY thrilled to announce a very exciting upcoming event at The Painted Dog; the visit of two very special ladies, Jeannine Stein (editor of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and author of Re-Bound and Adventures in Bookbinding) and Barbara Delaney (assistant editor of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and author of The Cloth Paper Scissors Book: Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Mixed Media Art).

That’s right! On March 5th (with a snow date of March 12th), from 10am-2pm these gals (craft publishing royalty, really!) will grace our humble studio.  They will have crafty shenanigans in tow too; i.e. make and takes and possibly giveaways or door prizes.  Becky and I will provide yummy refreshments and have our handmade wares for sale as well.  So if you happen to be in the area and are a Cloth Paper Scissors fan, be sure not to miss it!!  It’s gonna be a hoot! (Okay, shameless plug I admit, but I simply couldn’t resist adding the Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES picture below.  It’s no coincidence that my felted books don the COVER!!!)



Lastly, (oh how I do love this part) I get to announce a lucky winner of the latest Sew Somerset magazine bundled with a hand made book and some other artsy stuff.  All your comments were lovely, touching really.  The New Year landmark is a peaceful time for hope, positive change, redirection and renewal.  May every New Year be filled with just that!  I wish I could give a magazine to all of you. But alas, I must choose just one person. So, I  put all 9 names in a hat and picked a winner.  Pretend there’s a drumroll… And the winner is….



KAREN!!!  Congrats Karen Zaller!  You won!! YAY!!!!



Simply email me your address at arusse71@maine.edu and enjoy your goodies!!!  You will LOVE this magazine I promise!!!!  And I hope that your new year is much less painful.  Thank you everyone for playing!






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