Composimold Impressive Putty Tutorial: A Barbie-Was-Murdered Resin Pendant

A few weeks ago I got my hands on an awesome product: Impressive Putty by Composimold.  It’s a one part, reusable mold making putty.



You see, I was experimenting with jeweler’s grade resin (also available as a Composimold product) and needed some kind of squishy mold making material.  Something I could manipulate around an object to make an impression.  However, I needed it to stay flexible when solidified in order to be able to pop out the resin object. This stuff ended up being just perfect!!!



I had serious plans for these mini perfume bottles pictured above… But first I had to follow package directions and heat the Impressive Putty in the microwave for a few seconds.  Once it cooled a bit, I kneaded it much like dough.



For a little while, during the kneading process,  it was almost too warm and gooey (sticky really), to use.  So I set it on a plate to cool for just a bit longer.  (This was, afterall, what the package instructions said to do!)



Just as it became almost room temp, the Impressive Putty was ready to use.  I kneaded it a bit more and rolled it into a ball.

I coated my perfume bottle with just a dab of dish soap.  (I learned this awesome trick from a super smart teenager that I’ve been working with lately, thank you Kaylee!!!!!)

Then I pushed the bottle into the ball of putty.  I worked the putty up around the sides of the bottle too, as I wanted a deep well for my resin.



I then removed the bottle slowly.  The dish soap really helped with this step, allowing the bottle to come out freely without the putty sticking to it.  I took several more bottle impressions this way.



The putty captured the detail of the glass bottle well.



I then waited about 45 minutes and voila! My molds were solid enough to use.  I rinsed them very briefly to remove the excess dish soap and let them dry thoroughly, upside down on a paper towel.  Once dry, I coated the molds with vegetable oil, poured my first round of resin in them, and let the resin dry overnight.

I then added funny little objects to my molds.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Barbie as a kid.  But I simply needed to capture her hand in a pendant…  Plus there’s that whole body image thing… With Barbie’s figure being totally unobtainable and well, you know the story… She had to die.  I cut off her hands with a pair of tile nippers.  After she bled out, I chucked her lifeless corpse in the garbage.



I truly LOVE the hippo below!



I poured more resin in my molds, covering the objects completely.  However, I soon found out that some objects float, and thus can shift, so next time I’ll just add a dab of resin to each and let that dry.  This dab of dried resin would act as a glue to secure the object in place for a final pour.

After my little resin goodies were completely dried (24 hours at least had passed), I popped them out of the molds.  They came out easily.  I washed them with soap to remove any vegetable oil. With just a bit of sanding on the sides and edges, my resin casts were perfect!

For the Barbie hand pendant, I drilled a hole at the top.  I strung it on waxed linen cord and added store bought resin (plastic) beads.



I really like how thick the pendant is…



The button-toggle closure is also quite simple…



It reminds me a little of something Wilma Flintstone would wear… (Who also had an unobtainable waistline!)


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