Adding SERIOUS texture to your Art Journals: A Composimold Tutorial

I’m thoroughly hooked on this awesome Composimold product and have been pouring it all over things around my house.  But before I start in on this easy and very cool tutorial, I need to share a bit of back story…

You see, I while ago I bought this amazing black rubber bag.  That’s right, all rubber.  It was bag-love at first sight.  I happened to see it hanging amidst a sea of unworthy purses at Marden’s in Scarborough.  It was tough and thick, and made in Canada.  All of this and it was only 20 dollars!!! I mean, right????  The purse reminded be of a distant cousin to the Croc sandal.  But better, much better.



I think what I love most about this purse, besides it’s high-end quality and originality, is that it is hilarious. The bag is almost sooo heinous, it kind of does a 180 degree shift towards unsurpassed glory.  It is the purse of super heroes. Or heroines.

I soon encountered one large problem with my amazing find… After bringing it home I learned quickly that my significant other couldn’t stand it.  He immediately and completely detested it.  Like nothing else I’ve ever worn, sported, or carried.  It disgusted him thoroughly.

One of the things that I love about Jason is that he cares very little about fashion or current trends.  He doesn’t really pay attention to that sort of thing.  Except in the case of this bag, which made his skin crawl.  I kept telling him, “But look!  It was made in Canada!  It’s really high quality.”  It didn’t matter.  Nothing mattered.

Bag detail


I used the bag as my main purse throughout the winter months, always downplaying Jason’s protests about it.  When he would tell me he was going to burn it, run over it with the van, or throw it off a bridge,  I would just chuckle, and remind him playfully about the coat he used to wear that I couldn’t stand.



Eventually I decided it was time to stop using the bag.  Jason’s protests became more frequent and desperate.  I realized that the bag was hurting him more than it was benefiting me.  I loved him, so I compromised. Because when you love one another, you make compromises.  So I switched purses and retired the bag.  But I wasn’t going down without a fight.  Or without a wonderful reminder of this rubber beauty.  That is where Composimold came into play…

First, I lightly greased one side of the bag with a little olive oil.   I then heated the mold making material in the microwave, following instructions, until it became a hot liquid.  I poured it on the greased side of the bag, repeating the process once in order to develop a thick “skin.”



Above shows melted molding making material dripping over the edge of the bag onto parchment paper below.  Once cooled, I was able to easily peel of the skin and trim off the solidified drips and uneven edges.  Leaving me with this fantastic skin-like mold, just perfect for an art journal page… Here it is below sitting in an aluminum pan.



I then spread out a bunch of Golden Crackle Paste on an art journal page already in progress.  I used a pallet knife and spread it to about the thickness of a cake frosting… Maybe a little thinner than cake frosting…

Spreading on crackle paste


I then pushed my skin gently into the crackle paste.  I massaged it from the center out, to get rid of any air bubbles.  I managed to get the Made In Canada part in there (just barely).

Skin pushed into crackle paste


After letting the paste solidify for a couple hours, I was able to gently peel back the skin, revealing an amazing sight.  The cast of my glorious bag.

skin removed after a few hours


After a day of drying, the crackle paste did it’s thing and crackled.  A bunch of lovely delicate crackles that wanted desperately to fall right of the journal page.  I sealed them well with a mixture of Golden Fluid Matte Medium added to a bit of water.  I really pushed the matte medium mixture down in the cracks to help adhere them to the page.  I repeated this again for added insurance.  Then I painted the entire  mold casting teal and gave it a black topcoat.  This art journal page is a memorial of sorts to all the misunderstood purses everywhere.  You are worthy of carrying around a bunch of crap.  Lest we forget.Art journal page


Here’s a bit of insanely awesome detail:



Here’s another journal page I did in the same way.

Locked page


And a glorious detail of the lock:

Locked detail


And here are several other mold “skins” that I made recently:

A variety of skins


So I cannot stop pouring Composimold all over the non-pourous surfaces in my home.  The stuff is so crazy-easy to use.  And you can re-use it too.  When your done with the mold, just melt it back down in the microwave and use it again.  It’s absolutely fantastic stuff…



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  1. This is a hilarious read! Very funny…and you gave up the bag, for your love, ohh! Cool stuff Mandy.

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