Rubber Stamp Carving Added, Water-Media Art Journaling Doesn’t Stick, and Kirby Aurora has a Candid Photoshoot!



I was recently asked to offer Rubber Stamp Carving, one of my all time favorite workshops!  Sooooo, here it is:  Monday August 15th from 1pm to 3pm.  Only $20 and you can carve as many stamps as time permits.  All materials are provided!  It’s super quick and easy.  My favorite rubber is Soft Kut brand; it carves like cold butter and stays flexible so that it doesn’t crack or chip apart.




I’ve also decided that starting in late September, I am going to offer a regular watercolor paint night at The Painted Dog, about every three weeks or so.  This will be a two hour event where everyone follows along and paints one scene start to finish.  It will be a simple composition, different each time, and maybe a bit more involved than the above painting.  Stay tuned for more info.

I’m also very determined to make great discoveries in water media art journaling.  By this I mean, using a majority of water-soluble media on my pages.  You see,  I’ve been known to art journal a bit here and there and have sadly realized that when using acrylic paint, even the extra matte finish stuff, my pages end up sticking together.  This unfortunate event is mostly noticeable around now (summer) when the humidity is HIGH.  I know there are methods to help ease this pain, but I’m shifting gears and moving towards a more sustainable art journaling future… Water soluble media doesn’t stick!

Here are a couple water-media based page-spreads that I’m quite fond of:







Thus being said, I’m offering an all day, glorious book-arts workshop on Sunday, September 18th, from 9am-3pm.  We will build a fantastic book and we will art journal inside this beauty, mixed water-media style.  The workshop is $75 and students must bring their own paper for the book.  I suggest a pad of 140lb. cold press water color paper.




We will use a record sleeve for the cover, denim for the spine, and we will complete a cross stitch binding.  I’ll bring a bunch of record sleeves from which students can choose a perfectly imperfect cover for their book…




Laslty, I’m enamored with the latest addition to our family.  This sweet little gal made her debut here about two weeks ago and has already doubled in size!  She’s quite gorgeous if you ask me, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a pet journal all about her… A small one…




I mean, just look at her scales.  She has scale eyelashes!  And look at that little nose hole.  Is that not the sweetest nose hole you’ve ever seen???




She has a really nice beard…




And then there are her adorable, melt-your-heart, peach-colored ear holes.  I wanted to name her Peaches.  But alas, she is my son’s pet, and he got to name her.  She is Kirby Aurora.  Which is beautiful and perfect.  (AND she sucks up crickets like a vacuum!)




Even her poops are cute, still…






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