After School Art Club in Downtown Brunswick, Maine!

I’m sitting here in my little computer corner, gearing up for a new season of After School Art, Painted Dog Studio style!  I thought I should define just exactly what I offer…


I’ve had two after-school-years to tinker with this program.   Over these past two years, hundreds of kids, ages 5 to adult, have created at The Painted Dog.  (Aren’t I lucky??!!)  And they’ve taught me soooo much about the creative process.  And just how individual inspiration really is…


Just what is After School Art??  First, I’ll tell you what it was.  I used to offer a “canned” project or two per session, where I would dictate what to do each step of the way, everyone ending with a creation that I, or Pinterest, deemed kid-art-worthy.  Cute paper towel roll creatures, spin art (a Painted Dog staple), funky beaded necklaces, pinch pots, the list goes on and on… Now, this method certainly worked well for many but not for all.  Except for the spin art.  Spin art works for every human being on the planet. Inspiration is such a tricky thing…


There were always a few kids that wanted to do their own thing.  Actually, most kids wanted to do their own thing.  They wanted to dive into my stashes.  Experiment with materials.  Often they had an idea of exactly what they wanted to create, and my canned project just didn’t cut it.  I loved their enthusiasm and could never say no.  I began to see this after school art time as sort of an open studio, where I would help children make decisions on how best to see their creative ideas to fruition.  Sometimes I had to help a lot.  Sometimes just a little.  There were always big messes.  Occasionally glitter was involved.  Most often the treasure jar got hauled out.  (The treasure jar is filled with smaller objects, usually found at Goodwill, perfect for assemblage or 3D art; game pieces, costume jewelry, army men, junk-drawer goodies…)


What they ended up with was not exactly Pinterest-perfect.  Actually, it was often far from Pinterest-perfect.  However, most were so proud of their creation and loved the accessibility to my art and craft supplies so much that they couldn’t wait to come back.  Inspiration is such a great thing!


So, beginning September 5th, and every Tuesday after that, from 4:00pm- 5:15pm, at The Painted Dog in downtown Brunswick, I will have a specific art or craft project for kids to make if they wish.  It will be a different project or technique each week.  For those who choose not to make the project, they can enjoy the open-studio-creative-exploration plan and follow their own creative ideas.  I should probably call it After School Art Lab…  Inspiration, right?


Each Tuesday session is $15.  You may pay ahead of time for a month’s worth, or for an entire season’s worth, or you may pay as you go.  Your child does not have to come to every Tuesday session, they may join as they wish.  I do ask for an email notification ahead of time if your child plans on attending.  Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.  Here’s to a great start of school, and to a great start of After School Art!


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