About Me!

I have taken far too many art courses as an adult to call myself self-taught.  However, I did not attend art school; in fact I was actually a geology major!  I am quite fond of earth science, as well as math and even basic physics.  (I could have done without chemistry though).

I am, I fully confess, a fool thoroughly in love with making art and I suppose I specialize in book making.  I am also a busy mom of two chatty, whimsical kids and a WONDERFUL German shepherd dog named Odin Daniel. I grew up on the ocean in Harpswell, Maine, and have always lived in the mid-coast Maine area.

Currently, I teach a variety of art and craft workshops at my local studio, The Painted Dog, and at Merrymeeting Adult Ed as well as at Gardiner Adult Ed.  In 2013 I led several mixed media art workshops in Chicago and New Jersey for Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine at CREATE III, a destination art retreat.  I’ve completed a two separate 3-week long artist residencies for Arts Are Elementary, a non profit organization bringing artists to Brunswick area elementary schools.  For both residencies I was able to work with about 200 second graders.

I truly love to help others learn how to express their inner creativity and how to overcome artistic self-doubt.  To see a student gain confidence and even get giddy at a point in their creation gives me great joy.  Plus, I find it very fulfilling to be able to earn an income from doing what I’m most passionate about.  I particularly love working with kids.  I find they have a freedom of expression that is often unparalleled in adults, myself included.  They can more easily overlook perceived mistakes or move past them quickly.  They have a fearlessness that I envy.

I occasionally work as a freelance magazine contributor by writing instructional articles about my own art and craft projects and techniques.  I’ve written about two dozen articles for Cloth, Paper, Scissors, PAGES, Paper Art, Jewelry Stringing, Crafts ‘N’ Things, Collage in Color emag, Art Journaling, Somerset Studio, Sew Somerset, and Somerset Apprentice.  These publications are an amazing source of inspiration and camaraderie for me.



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