I Love You

Spring is on it’s way.  My crocuses and daffodils have emerged.  I LOVE springtime!

I work downtown on Sundays at a cute little boutique.  We recently had a Valentine’s-themed front window display that consisted of little love notes taped up for the world to see.  Customers (and a few employees) filled out the notes.  They were prompted to either finish the sentence “I love you…” or write their own custom letter of love.  I asked to take them home with me after Valentine’s Day was over, in order to create some sort of art journal.   I was given over 300 of these sweet little love notes.  I plan on machine stitching them onto pages and then sew the pages into a book.  I will organize them by category.  Here is the pile of them:


There were many who chose to express that they loved their Valentine more than a food choice.  I counted atleast 4 “more than chocolate” notes.


There were many notes written to beloved pets (mine included!)


And there were those that professed their love to be greater than the love they felt for certain animals:


And colors:


And certain television programs:

There were many humorous ones:




And some very endearing ones too:





There were a few with little bits of artwork:


And there were 4 or 5 written in foreign languages:


My goal is to have the book completed before Valentine’s Day 2013 (as my creative endeavor schedule is a bit full at the moment) but it will come to life eventually!



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Nellie No Friends

I’ve joined an online creative workshop called Nellie No Friends.  Week One’s assignment was to create this neat little book like thingy with two pages.  We first had to chose a 5-color pallet and create using those colors.  For the first or top page we were to create a self portrait involving stitching.  For the second, or bottom page we were to create a pattern using our 5 chosen pallet colors.

I really enjoyed drawing with thread.  The simple, meditative act of stitching allowed me to loosen up and let go of my perfectionist ideals.  My portrait evolved into a woodland fairy of sorts but I thought that was appropriate for me being from Maine- atleast the “woodland” part!  We do have a lot of woods around.

I cut up the cover of a vintage children's book for the bottom and top piece


My eyebrows are not that large in real life.


This pattern came to life unexpectedly- with no plan ahead of time


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Quiet Time

Ahhhh…  The kids are in bed early tonight after a looong active day.  Jason’s at a concert.  The house is so quiet.  I’m about to put on a Golden Girls DVD and make stuff with my doggie.  Yay!

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Sophie’s Other Chair

Our drawing homework for this week was to use our viewfinder and draw another chair.  I really dig the viewfinder.  It’s difficult for an advanced coffee addict like myself to hold it still enough, but the tool is extremely useful.  The clear plexiglass with crosshairs allows you to use a Vis A Vis marker and draw the basic outline of your subject for transfer to your paper later.  I really like this cute chubby chair but it did turn out chunkier than it is in real life.  I think I prefer it’s chunkiness though, it’s like a cartoon folding chair!


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Happy Birthday, Mom and JACKPOT!

Today is (or was) my dear mum’s birthday.  Had she not died at 40, she would be 55 today.  Wow, it’s been a long time.  I do miss her still, of course I always will.  She was a fine artisan.  She was noted as the best seamstress in the Brunswick area and was a passionate crafter and gardener.  She was an in-the-evening-at-the-kitchen-table crafter like me.  Maybe that’s why I feel so at home doing my stuff at the dining room table after the kids go to bed.  I’m forever grateful that she showed me how normal it is to be creative.  Happy Birthday, Mom!

As for the JACKPOT?  I do love a bargain.  Who doesn’t?  That’s why I frequent Goodwill, Salvation Army, the local flea market, and yard sales for all sorts of art and craft-related supplies.  I frequent these places so regularly that I’ve become quite in tune with just what types of artsy craftsy things are surfacing in the second hand market.  For instance, now that the craze for Stampin Up and Creative Memories has quieted a bit, I’m seeing more and more of it for sale second hand.  I just got a Speedball brayer yesterday for $3.00.  Someone had barely used it (or their plethora of Stampin Up rubber stamps that were for sale at Michelle’s Consignment shop).  Finding great bargains helps me to keep my workshop materials fees low.  I love to pass on the deals, in other words.

One source for a crafty lady like myself that has grown louder on my bargain hunting radar screen is Big Lots.  They have a craft section.  It is small but occasionally has some great items, like packs of Basic Grey paper (25 sheets for $3.00), Fiskars brand cutting instruments, and beads.   Today I popped in there and low and behold, I found a mountain of Blue Moon Bead packages, all for 79 cents each!  I have yet to stumble upon a Blue Moon deal like this.  You could say that this only comes around once in a blue moon!  I most certainly stocked up.  (Being an avid jewelry designer and teacher of all things related to bead stringing, I often buy this brand).

I share with you in pictures my glorious deal of the day:



blurry, yes but fabulous too!


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