Crochet and Another Super Tuesday

Today is another super Tuesday.  I’m home cleaning an outrageously messy house.  Max has soccer practice after school, then it’s off to his bear scout meeting, then home and to bed.  Dinner is PB & J on the go, literally while driving between meeting points.  But tomorrow is Wednesday and Wednesdays are art days!

A while back my friend ( taught me how to crochet.  I was “hooked” immediately.  It’s quicker that knitting.  It’s more sculptural too, meaning you can build it as you go; up and out and all around if you want.  It lends itslef to 3D work because the resulting fabric tends to be thicker.  I love to add it to my art.  Below is a bag I created for Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts 2012 issue.  They sent me the plain duck canvas bag and I took it from there.  I’ve painted on the crocheted flowers and trim using fabric paint and a brayer.  (Someone once told me you can’t paint on yarn!)



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Just A Few Loose Ends

When I really really love what I’m creating I tend to obsess about it.  I daydream about what I’ll do to it next.  I buy things for it: a paint color, an embellishment, a new tool to use on it.   If it were alive, I’d start a college fund for it.  I mean, I really care about the way these inanimate objects turn out.  But as we all know, things don’t always turn out as planned.  When this happens and I’m “stuck” I can either stay in the game and try like hell to bring it back (which could be the beginning of a downward spiral) or I can switch gears entirely.

Enter knitting and crocheting.  Ahhh…Smooth, meditative, stitches…Textural, colorful yarn…The money back guarantee of following a pattern…All things are good again.

Below is the state of my current meditative knitting project.  I used this great wool/nylon sock yarn that I got at Halcyon with my expert crocheter friend, Shari (Hi Shari!).

Can you guess what I am?


Just a few loose ends to weave in!


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Today we spent the day at Pumpkinland where the autumn dreams of 2 to 12 year olds come true.  There were bouncy houses, pony rides, corn mazes, hay bales for jumping, a zip line, giant slides, candy apples, popcorn, and much much more.  The kids had a blast.  I’m exhausted but all I really did was stand and take pictures.  Here are some of the best ones:

Sophie and Max on the Giant Jumping Pillow


Max next to a fabulous Elephant painting in the Spiral Galaxy


It's amazing that these adorable little things grow up to become...


Yikes- 12 boobs, 13 piglets!


Sophie riding Razzi, the draftt horse she picked out for her "pony" ride


Sophie petting Razzi


Max on the Extreme Air Jumper


Max flipping over in the air


Soph lovin' the zip line


Bye Pumkinland, see you next year!


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Chunk(s) is a Funny Word…

Well unfortunately I did not win the contest…  It makes me a bit sad to say it but the winner, Valerie Pillow, should be on cloud nine and I’m sure she deserves it entirely.  I am glad they posted the winners early in the morning so I didn’t have to wait all day.  I am very grateful to be included in the top 5 and really, I think it could be a good lesson in re-learning how to be a gracious sport.  Thanks for all your good wishes!

Anyway, chunk is a funny word.  When I think of chunk, I think of chunks of delicious oil pastels or paint sticks.  I think of yummy chunks of fudge, or chocolate bars.  Or I think of last night, when dear little Sophie threw up periodically between the hours of 11:00pm and 3:00am.  It’s hard to believe that THAT much could come out of a four year old.  She’s feeling much better now.  I’m a bit tired though…

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So, a while back I decided to enter the Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan 2012 Contest under the category “Collage and Assemblage”.  I absolutely love the publication and thought that since I placed in their 2012 Calendar, I may stand a chance in this challenge.  I crossed my fingers sent off photos of three large pieces back in August.  Lo and behold, I did win a place as one of five semifinalists in the “Collage and Assemblage” category.  I sent off my artwork as did the four other semifinalists.  I’ve seen photos of artwork from three of these artists, and I know that I am up against some amazing talent.  Tomorrow is the day they announce the winner.  After waiting a month or more, I’m very excited to see who they chose.  I admit that I am rooting for one person in particular.  Below are images of the three pieces that I entered in Cloth Paper Scissors’ 2012 Artisan of the Year.


Little Plaid Camper


Owl at Night


Remote Fishing Village



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